I am delighted to have two poems included in Dark Ink: A Poetry Anthology Inspired by Horror. This deliciously ghoulish publication is available from Moon Tide Press at https://www.moontidepress.com/books

I was honored to be featured as Poet of the Month on the Moon Tide Press website (July 2017). You can find two of my poems in the Poet of the Month archives.


I am proud to have received an honorable mention in the New Millennium Writings' 43rd writing competition for my poem, "On Learning That Madame Curie Died from Prolonged Exposure to Radium", May 2017.

I also am delighted to have my poem "It's Been A Good Summer" featured in the Poeming Pigeon anthology, In the Garden. The publication was published in May 2017 and is available for $15 from http://www.thepoetrybox.com/_DetailPagesBookstore/TPP-GardenOrderPage.html

My poem, "To My E.D. Student" was featured in Incandescent Mind, Winter 2017. The issue is available from Sadie Girl Press at https://sadiegirlpress.com/bookstore/

More of my poems can be found in the archives of the following publications:  In Pretty Owl Poetry, two poems in the Fall 2016 issue. https://prettyowlpoetry.com/archive/

I have two poems featured in the second issue of Angel City (December 2015). Here is a link to that stunning on-line publication: www.angelcityreview.com 

In the wonderful Cadence Collective; find my poems under December 3, 2015 and January 16, 2016. 

I am honored to have two poems included in The Compassion Anthology. Here is a link to see them as well as the inspiring and thoughtful work of other poets and visual artists: http://www.compassionanthology.com/poem-with-a-question-from-neruda-and-indictment.html.

I also have a poem in the online journal Literary Orphans (Issue 21: Truffant) and in the print December 2016 issue of the River Poets Review. A poem of mine was included in the Poeming Pigeon food-themed anthology published in the fall 2015. The whole anthology is delicious!

This is a poem that I read for the "Back to the Roots" reading, a tribute to artist Richard Duardo, which was part of the Lummis Day event in Los Angeles in June 2015. To view and hear poets reading at this event, go to You Tube, www.Poetry.LA

For Alan Mathison Turing

        --early computer pioneer

 One lone loon
to bridge this foggy gap,
one unit of hollow bones,
feathers and aria
to shroud, sing
our loneliness.
A pair of eyes
dark on dark
glides over the black lake
skates white mist in
one repeated swoop
   oh, Turing, like
   the continual loop
   of your thinking machine

breaking the code of longing
calling only to an echo,
grief doubling back upon grief


The following poems were semi-finalists in Nimrod International Journal’s 2014 Pablo Neruda Prize for Poetry. They were published in Nimrod’s Awards 36. “What We Found” is included in my chapbook, Looking Snow in the Eye, which was published by Finishing Line Press last summer.

May we all be close to rescue

Like a young calf suddenly realizing
the fence between him and his mother—
that what is escaped from
is not that easily returned to—
the moment when adventure
turns to danger, the panic
in that stiff sturdy neck
head lolled back
eyes gone wide     bellowing
like an organ with all stops pulled
until blue sky blares, the larger world pauses,
and rescue in the form of
a farmer’sbroad hands
dunks the wide head under
barbed wire, pulls bulk and spindly legs safely through,
smacks bony flank and
sends steam-huffing hide
scrambling through early morning
to nose the compliant teat

What we found
Elegy for my brother

Buckets of coins in every room
like you were worried
you might someday have to park
and not have correct change.
You lived in the country

Scattered notes to yourself
reminders of bills to pay
but no checkbook

A guitar minus the A string
and three packs of strings unopened,
each in a different room

Light bulbs, locks,
cans of paint
and a ladder in the middle
of the kitchen

Cleaning products huddled together,
 a new towel rack lying on newspapers
and a vacuum cleaner  
uncloseted, standing at the ready

In short, a house
waiting for you to come back
and set it right