Looking Snow in the Eye is a blizzard of poetry, piercing revelation and crystalline wisdom.  Terri Niccum writes with both compassion and muscle.  Through ice-cold, unsentimental vision, heart-warming imagery, and sometimes chilling reminiscence, Niccum’s honest voice enlightens the reader with poems of devotion, ethical exploration, and self-examination.  What we search for in the dark…Is something to wrap ourselves around, she says in her poem entitled “Pit.”  A flurry of elegance, surprise, and astonishing language resonates throughout this perceptive collection.  Her poems sparkle like sun on snow.

ellen, author of Sleeping Guardian, Finishing Line Press; The Gynecic Papers, Conflu:x Press; and Sacrifices Must Be Human, Tebot Bach Press.

Looking Snow in the Eye, a chapbook of poetry by Terri Niccum, was released by Finishing Line Press (summer 2015). You can order the book by visiting finishinglinepress.com. The cost of the book is $12.49 plus $2.99 shipping.

Or, if you would prefer to send a check through the mail, make it out to Finishing Line Press and send it to:
Finishing Line Press, Book Orders, P O Box 1626, Georgetown, KY 40324.

The book is also available through amazon.com


I am currently putting finishing touches on a second chapbook.