This Week in Poetry

This week I found myself moved by Valentina Gnup's "A Thousand Possible Clouds". I love how the poem tantalizes me first with imaginative yet apt description and then takes me to a much deeper and unexpected place. The poem entices my eyes and my ears with a delicate mixture of images and abstracts, and then cunningly captures my heart. The picture is "What the Cloud Doesn't Do", courtesy of Alexander Haislip. and TECH-CRUNCH.



Go find a pencil

the world is a terrible first draft.

When you write a story, you have choices—

horizon, chickweed, loneliness,

a copse of trees harbors soldiers

stealthily as a virus invades a body

or holds redwoods, gentle as grandparents,

collecting their centuries in a map of pale rings.

Listen, a foghorn beyond the fields

moans like an animal suffering

the sky has surrendered its hours

or exploded into a thousand possible clouds.

The children on the road far behind you

have lost their parents, their country—

someone got too greedy

someone believed he knew what was right.

Or they’re your children on that road

carrying home blackberries to make cobbler—

cut the butter into the flour, stop to kiss

the swirled crowns of their heads.


Valentina Gnup

Today on Rattle: Posted July 27, 2017

Ekphrastic Challenge, June 2017
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