This Week in Poetry

After a long layoff (self imposed) I am back to post a poem that delighted me this week. My talented and wonderfully kind cousin, Norm Hutcherson, took the beet challenge. That is to say, he put beets, actually one (some?) of my favorite things, in a whimsical and caring poem about loving others and living life. I wanted to treat readers to Norm's deep spirit and tantalizing word play. Bon appetit!

Garden Graze

(Bob beets through an Open Window)

Bob beets

The pedal opens

An opera wails

As the phantom wanders

A steel gray sky

In a misty morning

The farmers till

The rich brown foam

A shark delights

As the tourists wander

Through their feeding grounds

On this summer's day

But still I smile

As Bob digs through

The beets

Looking for the one

That will make Terri's day

A perfect reach

On an artist's tablet

The sum of all dreams

On this loom of needs

An open door

To a child's sense of wonder

As Bob tills the soil

And the beets

Come to stay

July 4, 2017