This Week in Poetry

This morning I was delighted to find a poem by my friend, Florence Weinberger, in the Winter issue of Rattle. Florence’s work always gives me food for thought and soul. Her latest book of poetry is Ghost Tattoo (Tebot Bach, 2018). Here’s a sample of her magic.


What a disappointment this century has been—so far.

—David Bowie, 2012


This morning, after rain, I saw half a rainbow.

I mean, it aspired, it rose and spread and headed

higher, but instead banged into a cloud bank where

it got stopped dead.

The spread, though, was impressive,

bloody reds and purples and yellows, it was enough

rainbow for me. More rainbow would have asked me:

what color was your brief life.


 Florence Weinberger


Winter 2018, Vol. 24, No. 4